Unleashing the Spirit

August 6, 2009 – 10:38 am                                                                                            

I gazed through the slits of the venetian blinds. The watch read 4.30 as the evening gloom started to settle in. It was just days since we had shifted our base from Noida to Delhi and the first ten days just went like a whoosh. Everyone in our organization had this uncanny knack of taking responsibilities, making it obvious why we were still slogging it out on the third Saturday of the month. After all it was our prerogative to get the place up and running. But ten days had passed since, we were settled, to say the least but we still weren’t quite there… there was that buzz that went missing, the X-De-Facto!! We always had this little history running, that whenever we hit the blues, we would usually party hard. But I was wondering, where did the party spirit disappear?

The gloomy evening

My prayers were answered. It almost seemed magical when, in the wee hours, someone echoed across the corridor “guys lets hit the disc.” It didn’t really matter who voiced it, but what did, was the synonymous “yeah” from the length and breadth of the 3000 sq ft office floor. There was a sense of immediate activity and from avid office goers I saw them ‘mentally mutate’ into hardcore party beings.

The destination was ‘Black, The Discotheque’. It was just a stone’s throw away from our office but the crowd, the ambiance and the music was to die for. The theme was Bhangra nights, and the heavy Punjabi dhols were playfully attacked by Jay Z Hip Hop, creating a blend that just gave a kick of its kind!

DSCN1209I was an obsessive non drinker, non smoker, and no wonder I saw myself comfortably placed farthest from action zone (dance floor) grabbing on to a conspicuous can of Red Bull! The silent spectator that I was, I rejoiced the creative moves and the unwinding of moods. The music however began to gently fade away, so did the images of the frenzy and rapture of my dear colleagues, burning the dance floor.

By degrees, I sank into a state pensive reflection.  Nostalgic, I might sound but like flashes, I recalled how the company started out with just the 2 guys and a rented PC.  ‘Easy’ was the last thing that we had encountered on this journey of 6 years. And the heaviest blow came with terrorist attacks on the recession prone economy. Interestingly, we always rode on a cushion of smart approach and every time when it seemed the chips were down, we actually partied harder, coz we knew we were always making a beeline for success. That was it. The signature BharatOnline attitude. Live to win!

“Dude I don’t believe this. How can you be such a drab” cried our party princess and grabbed me to the action zone!  Half startled, half pumped; I dissolved in the synchrony of the crowd, swaying away to the beats and laser. And it was then, amidst the energy, that I didn’t see colleagues, instead saw talent, intensity, diligence and fire swaying away to a synchrony, a direction called BharatOnline.

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