Kolkata: You beauty!

July 16, 2010 – 6:03 am                                                                                            

If I was a czar of the medieval times, I would have done myself really proud in a way or two! In less than 12 months, we have been able to conquer South (Bangalore) and West (Mumbai). The final frontier of Kolkata (East) did evade us for some time, but now we have the Bharatonline flag fluttering proudly in the ‘city of joy’. Kolkata Branch at New Alipur

All right, without sounding too dramatic, I have to confess that it gave us an immense sense of joy, opening up our inaugural branch at Kolkata. They say that Kolkata is slow, humid, and overpopulated. But beyond rumors, lies a city with a sense of unprecedented charm. This inexplicable charm is neither loud nor obvious and neither can you find it looking at Victorian architectures. It is in the attitude of its people. Never had I come across a city that was so welcoming. The warmth of the people was truly overwhelming. Six days in Kolkata, and it had a magnetic effect on me. ‘New Alipur’, one of Kolkata’s charismatic blocks is where we currently find ourselves cozily nestled. Mr. Cyril John, one of our trusted travel partners, has been given the charge to lead the branch. With the opening of this branch, we expect to bring in a fresh range of travel services that would benefit the travel-frenzy crowd of Kolkata.

The Offce Interiors

As I was woefully leaving this city of charm, my eyes caught up with a newspaper advert. I couldn’t believe myself; real estate in Kolkata was way too affordable than Delhi. Wow! This actually got me wondering; now that we have got an office in Kolkata, why couldn’t I relocate to …. Is the management listening?

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