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August 5, 2009 – 5:41 am                                                                                            

Looking back at the last six years, since the inception of this organization, it has been an eventful and satisfying journey. The last six years has been a great learning canvas for us and I can say that we all have evolved personally along with the organization. Right from overcoming the initial hiccups of incubating an entrepreneurial venture to the opening our second office in Bangalore, it has been journey of mixed emotions and steel intentions.


Occasionally, basking in the glow of yesteryears, I relive those moments, when we had opened our one room office at the Gagan Vihar area of Delhi. There was just the two of us and between lay the future which we were so eagerly awaiting. I can still recount the scintillating joy that I experienced giving the appointment letter to our first employee. And ever since, we have been taking out the “I” from the “Me” and putting it in the “We”. The resultant is a workforce whose commitment levels stand completely unparalleled. Today the employee strength exceeds 85 and gently inching towards the three figure mark.

Our journey so far wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Adversity had many a kin, the most famous being, the sealing of the Delhi Office and 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

It was nine in the morning, as I was driving in and found out that, all the offices were being sealed in our office lane. The incident happened at the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on ‘residence-converted-commercial’ establishments in Delhi. There were desperate cries, as none of us, who owned offices on that lane were remotely aware of the illegality. 35 employees, office overheads and furniture were to be shifted and fast. It was sheer employee co-ordination and some smart networking that saw us shift to an immediate alternative. We were up and running that very evening. Similarly, 26/11 attacks had a clear and adverse impact on our business. But we worked harder, modified our business strategy by concentrating on fresh initiatives and were able mitigate the tremors of terror.


Both these events were beyond our control but we raised to each occasion, tackled, and emerged on the brighter side with pomp and ease. Somewhere in-between these trying times we secretly embraced success. In a short span of time we have been able to expand our network to the whole of India and even beyond. Today, the circuit extends to countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and even Bhutan. In fact we are geared up, to take this to the next level and expand our service across the globe.

I reckon that six years is a small time in the history of any organization. But, having said that, the recent past has taught us to walk steadily on loose soil and bear the arid climate, and now we take stance to take on a newer responsibility.  The responsibility of cultivating Bharatonline across India and make everyone a part of this growing phenomenon.

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  1. Manish Sinha
    May 20, 2010 at 5:57 am

    Congratulations Mr. Tiwari !

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